Please don’t ask….

By now, you have probably heard that Chris Hayes will be hosting the 8pm slot on MSNBC. This is an incredible opportunity for Chris and I am very happy for him.

There have been a ton of questions about what happens to me, whether there will be a new host for UP, whether Chris moves the Plate over to his evening desk, whether I stick with the new host if there is one…. or if I am destined for the breadlines in April.

I have decided that I have no public comment on the issue.

I really do appreciate the support #uppers have shown for the Plate and what I do on twitter each weekend. I think it is a cool interaction we’ve got going and the #uppers community is fantastic. But at the very end of the day, I am part of a strong brand that Chris has developed, fostered and led. It is only by his good grace, humility, and vision that I exist and am allowed to be a part of his brand.

I thank him heartily and graciously for his trust and willingness to share his table. He did not have to and we should never forget that in our zeal to “save the plate.”

So, with that said, I will shut up on the matter until MSNBC releases official stuff. Or their smart lawyers send me a C&D, whichever comes first 🙂


9 thoughts on “Please don’t ask….

  1. Perhaps you could put on your evening duds, and have a little cocktails and appetizers?

  2. Whatever happens – I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with you – whoever you may be. You added value to the show and for that I am grateful as a loyal #uppers viewer.

  3. Maybe you could become “TheTweeterFormerlyKnownAsThePastryPlate” and continue your conversations with all of us watching whatever show we are watching. In other words, can you still be our friend?

  4. Join the @EZHEADZ crew on Twitter. My Ezra Klein radar says he will get Chris’ slot at 8am Saturday and Sunday (Let’s hope) and we can continue the wonkie-ness in all its glory right there…ah…here…ah Whatever! Either way, I’ll be watching Chris everynight and Ezra every weekend (a man can dream can’t he!?!)…

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