Chris Hayes, #pastriot at last

And with a final, somewhat tear-producing good bye statement, ate from the plate.



3 thoughts on “Chris Hayes, #pastriot at last

  1. Underneath the sun,
    There onetime was a one,
    From the Nation’s writing shop,
    A man we did know as Lambchop.

    A vision to use facts,
    To discredit trolly hacks,
    An epic morn’ debate,
    That did surround a Pastry Plate!…

    From “UP, the musical”

  2. Surprised you didn’t hear my whoops and laughter through the tears from San Diego yesterday 🙂 I just KNEW he would do it! Damn, I’m gonna miss him in the mornings…I know we will adjust and I am excited about Steve and to see Chris during the weeknights…but…my weekend morning talk show habit started with Chris. Sniffle.

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