@sjdorst is on his Peregrination and had a coffee-maker emergency which he wrote about here. I promised to write my coffee-maker solution, so here it is.

After realizing I was buying 2-3 coffee makers a year and they would all eventually fail, I decided to just go simple — gravity. About twelve years ago, I bought a Melitta #6 cone and carafe set and an electric kettle. I replace the kettle every to years or so, but since all I need is coffee beans, hot water and gravity, my morning coffee always works — even during power outages. I can hand-grind beans and a small LP stove will alway heat water.

My perfect coffee formula:
– Use a natural brown Melitta #6 filter.
– Five HEAPING scoops of freshly ground coffee beans
– SLOWLY pour the heated water through the grounds making sure it foams up. If it doesn’t foam, you are pouring too fast.
– Continue to pour water until the coffee in the carafe is exactly at the 6 cup line and the water in the cone is level to the top. Allow to filter through until done.
– Pour into Melitta stainless steel carafe (really, the best) and pour extra cup from the glass carafe into mug.
– Drink. (with pastry)

In an emergency (or on the road.. no glass!) use the #4 cone filter and filter coffee directly into the carafe. I still use five scoops, but don’t heap. Filter to top, drip into cup if I over estimate. I have heated water with microwave, but don’t pour though if boiling..



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