Pastry Bureau of Investigation: Who is the Plate?


It started with a tweet:

And the Pastry Bureau of Investigation was born. We even have a badge, courtesy of Rob Kimmel, of and Use the badge for good!

What we know so far:

Unafiliated with UP or MSNBC
Male, with kids in their early-mid twenties (the “minimuffins”)
Lives in Brooklyn
A St Paul/Frogtown native
Has been a journalist, teacher, had a culinary career, sold equine medical devices in WA DC. Currently has some kind of design/advertising business
Has won awards, is in the Newseum
Is NOT a household name
Half Scottish/Half French Canadian
middle name is the same as Steve Kornacki’s: Joseph
First name starts with G
Last name is Mac___________? We are sure of the “Mac” part
Green eyes
Plays bagpipes
Can “probably” dance a jig
Has been know to wear a kilt
Wears the expected kit under the kilt (unconfirmed)
At present is unmarried
Loves dogs
And musicals. Boy howdy does he ever.
90’s animation fan with Ren and Stimpy a particular favorite
Has never been in a union, exceprt for the #InanimateLeague, the twiiter union in cyberspace, (along with the @WallStreet Bull and I am sure the @HotTubofConsensus)

My favorite guesses to date: Nick Cage and Mr. Peabody

Our crack investigative team is always recruiting! Grab a badge and let the sleuthing commence! Clues are posted with the hashtag #clue and #PBI



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