Vegan for a day

After about 20 months or so, super #upper Sarma finally broke me down and I went vegan for a day. The camera work made it hard to see, but there were definitely chocolate and blonde macaroons on the plate as well as some frosted carrot cake muffins. (photos below.. keep reading, look later!)

Sarma also sent up some Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cherry Macadamia Brownies, Almond Raspberry Thumbprints and Cinnamon Squares but since they they got to 30 Rock on Friday afternoon… well, let’s just say there was some pre-show collateral damage.

A little about the vegan treats:
One Lucky Duck uses all organic ingredients, it’s all vegan and gluten-free. They don’t use any soy and it’s all raw, meaning their ingredients are never heated about ~ 118 degrees. (So all those cookies, cakes etc. are made in dehydrators).

Everything’s created in the kitchens of their restaurant Pure Food and Wine but they make it all for their takeaway shops and online store One Lucky Duck.

So Alexis Goldstein, we have now removed any excuse you have for not becoming a #pastriot. The next time you are booked to appear on UP w/Steve Kornacki, we are gonna know it and we’ll be ready….

One Lucky Duck


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