Melissa Harris-Perry videobombs UP

BOOM as the camera pans in for the final frame of the final segment of the show, there’s Melissa Harris-Perry chowing down on cupcakes and macarons. We got a photo frame of a #pastriot moment, but you gotta see the whole segment. Goofy, nerdy, Melissa does not disappoint.


Here’s the segment link (sorry, WordPress doesn’t embed video.. grrrrr….)

Also, Best. Chyron. Ever. Thanks @UpWithSteve


3 thoughts on “Melissa Harris-Perry videobombs UP

  1. Yup, but this blog won’t let me… I don’t know why and I don’t much care. I’m not spending a lot of time coding anything here…
    Probably an upgrade option or some other dumb thing. Works on self-hosted just fine…

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