#pastriot-ghazi scandal maybe sorta not really

There was a flurry of #pastriot activity on today’s show and in the fog of politics, under a shower of crumbs — having reviewed the game footage carefully — we announce the addition of two new #patriots to the ranks.

Firstly, a clear-cut #pastriot Blake Zeff. Clear oral insertion, lots of chewing, a ton of #pastriot evidence clearly seen with the full-frontal view camera.

With Gabriela Domenzain, we had to wind and rewind carefully to find that moment of oral insertion but we located it on a side frame just before a cut. However, since the on-camera evidence of clear pastry ingestion was so strong, i.e., the de-crumbing of her hands on air (a first!) and the hand over her mouth while chewing (sorry Gabi’s mom!) as well as the declaration of pastiotism by Jonathan, we have to give it to her. But the side-view frame evidence holds!




Congratulation both Blake and Gabi! Thanks for playing along and thank you once again to Jonathan Capehart for keeping up with our craziness.

PS Love the tie!


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