Pastry unites Right and Left

This morning on Up w/ Steve Kornacki, pastry has done what few others have been able to do; unite the Left and Right in a moment of pastriotism. It was brief — Ana Marie Cox and Kellyanne Conway each partook for different reasons to be sure — but it’s a start #uppers

Kellyanne Conway and Ana Marie Cox became #pastriots on Up w/ Steve
Kellyanne Conway and Ana Marie Cox became #pastriots on Up w/ Steve

I’m a bit conflicted about being used to illustrate a political point but these two maxims hold to be true.

1. All pastry is political. GOP prefers cake doughnuts to the more Left-leaning yeast doughnuts or croissants.
2. Without question, doughnuts have carbs and calories. But politics is a participant sport. If you ain’t burned off those calories by the end of the show, you didn’t play hard enough.

And a few corrections:
1. There is more to the nutrition and obesity game than calories. Carbs, fats, sugars all play a roll. (ok, pun intended)
2. Ana Marie is right about obesity but more to just poor people not having much choice is the systemic nature of market-fixing to favor particular “free market” industries’ access to distribution systems including packaging, food guide pyramid/my plate education, etc. that might make Kellyanne squirm a bit while grasping for a rationale. Let’s not forget there are also a lot of lobbyist dollars behind every bit of “education” on those posters. Another maxim at play here is “follow the money.” That always leads to the truth.

We could easily fit an in-depth discussion about this in an entire show with David Cay and Stephen Pimpare, Tom Colicchio (A Place at the Table) three folks who come to mind quickly. I’m sure there are many more.

In case you missed it, here is the insufferable ignominy of the day. If you prick me, do I not bleed? Yes, yes, I do.

I’ll leave you with your guilt now. 🙂



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  1. And why is there no calorie count on the blueberry donut (at the bottom of the picture)? What are you covering up? Are you in cahoots with the PBI?

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