Mercedes reached in boldly, grabbed a doughnut, took a bite and held it up defiantly, declaring, “today, I stand with the pastries!”

Eh, it could have happened that way. If you really want to know what the doughnut rattling was really all about, you gotta watch this Up With Steve clip.

Next time, I hope Mercedes doesn’t flash doughnut’s butt all over national TV, but he’s been working out, so it’s not as big a deal as it would be post-holidays.



Of course, Mr. Cool (aka Craig Melvin) who was a little bit happy, a little bit angry and a whole lotta hungry — Haphangry if you will — had to go in for the kill just under the wire at the toss.

Congratulations Craig Melvin @craigmelvin and Mercedes Schlapp @mercedesschlapp, first-time #pastriots!