Je Suis Pastriot

We saw two pastriots today, one donning his fourth ribbon and the other joining the esteemed, exclusive club after many, many attempts by me and other #uppers trying to convince her it was company worth keeping.

After popping a bite of pastry into his mouth, Brian gave me a one-finger salute (no, not THAT finger, but you have to watch the clip to find out which one!)

4X pastriot, only Sam Seder had held that honor.

First-timer Victoria DeFrancesco becomes a #pastriot in style! While her counterpart was sharing his conservative viewpoint on why media should embrace Charlie Hebdo and publish the cartoons, DeFrancesco reached in, took a bite and suddenly nobody was listening to Will. Well played, doctor, well played!


Finally, a shout-out to whomever at Up w/ Steve created this chyron. I’m loving the stepped-up pun game.