Evan McMorris-Santoro scores on all food groups

In a gutsy move never before seen on TV, Evan chows down on a doughnut while drinking a healthy smoothie that was just prepared by a Congressman. Only one word describes this level of chutzpah — BADASS!



Fiver #pastriot

The first 5X #pastriot, Brian Thompson kept running through the tape even as he locked up the title early in the three minute wrap up segment. He clearly came in today to clinch this title! Congratulations, Brian!



Je Suis Pastriot

We saw two pastriots today, one donning his fourth ribbon and the other joining the esteemed, exclusive club after many, many attempts by me and other #uppers trying to convince her it was company worth keeping.

After popping a bite of pastry into his mouth, Brian gave me a one-finger salute (no, not THAT finger, but you have to watch the clip to find out which one!)

4X pastriot, only Sam Seder had held that honor.

First-timer Victoria DeFrancesco becomes a #pastriot in style! While her counterpart was sharing his conservative viewpoint on why media should embrace Charlie Hebdo and publish the cartoons, DeFrancesco reached in, took a bite and suddenly nobody was listening to Will. Well played, doctor, well played!


Finally, a shout-out to whomever at Up w/ Steve created this chyron. I’m loving the stepped-up pun game.



Yadda, yadda, yadda

How do you yadda yadda some election predictions? By eating a doughnut as your Republican counterpart rattles on and on about Jeb and Christie and Paul and …


Here is Blake Zeff skillfully working the doughnut as Nan Hayworth predicts the 2016 frontrunner for the GOP. (Spoiler: there is none)

But I agree with Steve and not just because I’ve lost every bet I’ve ever made with him.



Mercedes reached in boldly, grabbed a doughnut, took a bite and held it up defiantly, declaring, “today, I stand with the pastries!”

Eh, it could have happened that way. If you really want to know what the doughnut rattling was really all about, you gotta watch this Up With Steve clip.

Next time, I hope Mercedes doesn’t flash doughnut’s butt all over national TV, but he’s been working out, so it’s not as big a deal as it would be post-holidays.



Of course, Mr. Cool (aka Craig Melvin) who was a little bit happy, a little bit angry and a whole lotta hungry — Haphangry if you will — had to go in for the kill just under the wire at the toss.

Congratulations Craig Melvin @craigmelvin and Mercedes Schlapp @mercedesschlapp, first-time #pastriots!


Brian woke up like this

Brian Thompson (@brian4NY) woke up this morning, exposed a governor of a major state*, won a fast-paced political game show by the widest margin in history and became a three-peat #pastriot… all before 10am on a Saturday. As casually as most people saunter down the street.



*Ok, ok, only New Jersey, but still….