The plate of pastries sitting on the table on the UP w/ Steve Kornacki Show, telling it like it is in plain language. #whattherollssaw (unaffiliated, unpaid)

These are my more expanded, formulated thoughts from the show. Or even on larger issues that need exploring.


This account is not affiliated with the show or MSNBC. My thoughts are my own.

This is a parody site. It answers the burning question that many #uppers have:
What does the pastry plate think?

I — this — exists at the pleasure of Steve Kornacki. Without him, none of this would be possible. I also exist as long as the lawyers at MSNBC think it is not a bad idea. I hope they see this fan effort as a fun way of extending the UP brand, but who knows how lawyers think.

At all times, this site and the twitter stream @UpPastryPlate will reflect the UP show in the best possible light. Call me a sell-out if you must, but I know who butters my bread. Don’t ask me to start a rift of any kind between or among Steve, Chris, me, other pastry, the UP Mugs, MHP’s plate, any other MSNBC host, etc. You can’t bait the plate.

I hope as a loyal UP fan, you will always suspend your belief that a plate of pastries can think, talk, tweet and blog. It will be much more fun playing along than succumbing to reality.

*The title of this blog inspired — or stolen with attribution — from @TrishDev