Nov 13 matches


That’s all I got to say

Oh, Michael, dude ….you said more reaching for the doughnut and eating it on air than you said during the whole show! Kathleen knows exactly what you said and probably the first time she agreed with you. Pastry as a political tool; I wear the mantel proudly.

Second #pastriot merit badge, too.

The reach:

The bite:

Owning it:

The smile. Cheshire Cat ain’t got nothing on this!

Click on the screen below to view the whole segment (WordPress doesn’t like embedding)

Also, if you Periscope, follow @Omarosa (Also on twitter… DAMMIT, she got me plugging her here, too….. clever…..)

Oprah, Obama, Omarosa. Coincidence? Hmmmmm

Unrelated, but related:
I just noticed that Donald Trump was the only man on the debate stage who did not button his coat jacket. In the ever-so-subtle man dress code, that was akin to raising a middle finger to whomever is presenting you and to whom you are being presented. Try it at the office; you’ll find it takes hella balls confidence to pull off.

Jonathan knows.